We are Matt & Joanna.
We have loved becoming parents through adoption, and hope to grow our family again!



We feel pretty lucky to have each other, and hope to find another little family member soon!

We are Matt, Joanna, and E, (3-year-old toddler). We live in Provo with the most beautiful view of the mountains and the best neighbors around. We love that we get to spend our time doing the things we love most: teaching, writing music, raising our little adventurer, and spending time together chasing dreams and hobbies. Depending on the weather, you could find us hiking, painting, playing in the backyard, reading, singing around the piano, sledding, making cookies in the kitchen...the list keeps growing. 

We have been married for about 9 years, and have LOVED growing together through the twists and turns of life. We feel so grateful for unconditional love and support for each other's dreams and passions. It has been so cool to work together on our passion project and growing business, HOPSCOTCH...which you should check out if you haven't yet. We are excited to see where it goes. We love traveling when we get the chance, but ultimately love just being with each other!



Matt is an amazing dad, husband, musician, songwriter, friend, and companion. He is usually bearded but shaves on occasion. One of the things I love about him is how kind he is to everyone. He has been so committed through thick and thin, I am so grateful to go through life's adventures with him.


 Joanna is an intelligent, kind, and very sassy wife and mother. She is amazing with children of all ages, (her 2nd graders adore her, as does our toddler), and she has so much passion for bettering the world around her. She is a great communicator and a wonderful person. I love her.


E is most often a toddler, but sometimes he is actually a dog, or a robot, or a giraffe, or a car. He has an incredible imagination and we love watching him grow and learn. He is excited for a sibling or two to share the love, as he has to two very adoring parents. Adopting this kiddo has been the major highlight of our lives. We adore his birth mother forever and always.



I am the birth mother of Matt and Joanna’s first son, and I promise that if you are considering adoption that they are the best adoptive parents anyone could hope for. I have never seen more loving and attentive parents in my life than Matt and Joanna! If you are considering adoption, PLEASE consider them.

Celeste Keele

This is am amazing family! I have gotten to know Joanna, Mrs. Pace to me and my kiddos, as the best 2nd-grade teacher ever! She is sweet and kind to all her students and my kids have adored her! Her husband would come into the classroom for the parties and always help by signing the kids a song or playing games with them! They are the cutest parents to their little boy and they will be the best parents to any more children that join their family!! ❤️❤️❤️


Matt and Joanna are my brother and sister in law. Ever since I have moved to Utah for school they have been like second parents to me. Whether living with them for periods of time or just having Sunday dinners with them, they have always been so nurturing and generous to me. I still enjoy living close to them and getting to babysit Emerson frequently. They are such a fun and loving little family. I love them so much!



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